Jenni Perkins
Public Information

Jenni Perkins serves as a Public Information Coordinator for ABC Group. In her role, Perkins partners with public and private sector clients to impact strategic performance measures. She specializes in developing engaging written and visual content that sparks interest and action. She earned a bachelor’s degree in communications and another in English from the University of West Florida in Pensacola, Fla.

In her 20 years of experience in marketing, communications and philanthropy, Perkins has helped a number of organizations elevate their brand’s reach, improve positive community sentiment and connect with key audiences.

Prior to joining ABC Group, Perkins spearheaded a multi-million dollar rebranding effort for a regional healthcare provider in northwest Florida and south Alabama. In addition, she has an extensive background in fundraising, event planning, board management and community outreach. She is an advocate for the Junior Diabetes Research Foundation and volunteers with The Trevor Project.

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