interstate 10 at u.s. 29 interchange project
escambia County, FL

Interstate 10 at U.S. 29 Interchange Project, escambia County, FL

In spring 2024, FDOT began a major effort to construct a new I-10 alignment through the center of the U.S. 29 interchange and increase the I-10 capacity to six travel lanes (three in each direction). The project will modernize this vital interchange while making it safer and more efficient.

As the public information consultant for FDOT, our team is working to provide accurate, timely, and consistent project updates for the approximately 62,000 commuters who travel through this interchange daily.

Work is estimated to continue through 2030, a fact that can easily lead to “construction fatigue” for stakeholders. ABC’s efforts to combat construction fatigue include establishing a reliable, consistent source of information for the public while building awareness and trust in the community.

In coordination with the FDOT District Three Public Information Office and the project’s Construction Engineering and Inspection consultant, ABC Group organized a public meeting to offer information about the projected impacts and benefits. These events require developing various informational materials and facilitating stakeholder feedback.

Our strategy prioritizes understanding the numerous affected audiences. We’ve learned from interacting with community members over the years the importance of creating and maintaining a “no surprises atmosphere” that empowers stakeholders to make informed travel decisions.

For example, this project includes replacing the existing North Palafox Street and CSX Railway bridges over I-10. To keep traffic flowing on I-10, crews will build half of each bridge at a time, shifting traffic to the opposite side of the construction zone. Our team will utilize multiple tactics to keep the public informed, including news releases, social media posts, and supporting visual graphics for each configuration.

Overall, our goal is to provide timely traffic information to all stakeholders so they can plan their commute, allowing construction activities to proceed with minimal public interference.

Project Details


2024 – 2030 (ongoing)


$236 million


Florida Department of Transportation


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